Shoulder Pain Treatments

Shoulder pain may stem from a chronic condition, or it may arise because you injured the area. Certain physical activities, for instance, can stress the soft tissue. Whether your shoulder pain is acute or chronic, Dr. Jason Dunlap of The Edge Chiropractic in Ormond Beach, FL, can help you recover without invasive or addictive treatments.

Causes of Shoulder Pain

It's a highly used joint with an extensive range of motion, making injuries in it common. 

You could tear tissue in the rotator cuff. And while that generally heals in the less serious cases, it's possible if you continuously stress the area that a tear can cause chronic pain. 

From repeated stress, you could develop tendinitis or bursitis. Both of these can be temporary causes of shoulder pain, but if the injury doesn't heal, it can become chronic. 

Some people dislocate a bone in the shoulder, which places pressure on the surrounding nerves and tissue. 

The shoulder is also a prime location for osteoarthritis - the wear and tear form of this condition. It causes issues like pain, stiffness, and a decrease in your range of motion. 

Determining Your Shoulder Problem

Our practitioner in Ormond Beach, FL, will take the time to listen to your concerns. When you come to our office, our practitioner will ask about your pain and other symptoms. 

The next step of the process is visually assessing the area for signs of swelling, bruising, etc. Our practitioner will also evaluate your range of motion by asking you to move the affected shoulder. Our specialist will do a tactile examination to determine if you have any swelling or tension. 

Treating Your Shoulder Problem

At our Ormond Beach, FL, practice, we'll match you with a care plan to meet your needs. 

It may consist of our chiropractor manually relocating a dislocated shoulder. This ensures function while easing pressure on the surrounding joints and soft tissue. 

Exercise therapy is an option we have for patients with both acute and chronic conditions. During an exercise therapy session, our practitioner will help you perform stretches that will promote circulation to the area while gradually enhancing your range of motion. 

Part of your treatment plan could include natural methods to combat pain and swelling. For instance, our practitioner may suggest hot and cold therapy. Electrical muscle stimulation is another option. 

At The Edge Chiropractic, serving Ormond Beach, FL, and the nearby region, we're always on the edge of the latest techniques and practices. And we can assure you you'll receive a customized care plan to promote healing of your shoulder pain and discomfort.

Book an appointment today with our Dr. Dunlap to find relief from your shoulder pain by calling 386-290-6007.

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