Do you or a loved one live with scoliosis? Dr. Jason Dunlap at The Edge Chiropractic in Ormond Beach, FL is committed to helping you manage your condition naturally and achieve relief.

Scoliosis and Chiropractic Care

Of all the issues someone might suffer from in the spine, scoliosis is a very common one. In fact, it has been estimated to affect about seven million people in America. What exactly is scoliosis? Why should you seek care for it? And can a chiropractor really help? Dr. Dunlap and the team at The Edge Chiropractic in Ormond Beach, FL answer these questions and more below.

Scoliosis Defined

Scoliosis is simply an abnormal curvature of the spine. It means that instead of stacking atop one another, the bones in your back form an “S” or a “C.”

For some people, the effects of this condition are so mild that they don’t even realize they have it. For others, though, it can cause some symptoms that can’t be ignored. These include things like having uneven shoulders or one hip sitting higher than the other. Such symptoms can usually be seen in the mirror and can cause some discomfort.

Do I Really Need to Treat It?

If you don’t have any symptoms, you may wonder why you should seek care. Often, the curvature of the spine worsens over time. In some cases, it becomes so severe that it causes problems breathing, reduces lung capacity, and more. It’s important that you seek care as early as possible to prevent such issues from occurring.

How Can a Chiropractor Help?

Surgery is sometimes recommended for scoliosis patients. However, not everyone wants to go through such invasive techniques. Additionally, surgery is typically saved for those with a severe curvature – usually at least 45 degrees. Waiting until it becomes that severe to seek treatment can leave you suffering in ways you shouldn’t have to.

Chiropractic care, however, offers a natural, non-invasive method for managing your condition, reducing your symptoms, and preventing the curvature from worsening. This is done through techniques such as the following and more:

  • Adjustments to improve and maintain spinal alignment
  • Posture correction to help prevent worsening of the curvature
  • Stretches and exercises to help relieve tension and build your muscles

The benefits of techniques like these help relieve pain, release undue pressure on the spine, and help your body support your spine better.

Scoliosis doesn’t have to be a hopeless situation. Dr. Dunlap at The Edge Chiropractic in Ormond Beach, FL can develop a personalized, natural, and effective treatment plan to prevent your condition from controlling your life. Call (386) 290-6007 to schedule an appointment today.

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