Back Pain Treatments

Back pain is a common problem, especially as you get older. There are many causes of back pain including vehicle accidents, sports injuries, or just general wear-and-tear. Fortunately, your chiropractor can help.

Dr. Jason Dunlap at The Edge Chiropractic in Ormond Beach, FL, offers comprehensive chiropractic care, including treatment of back pain. He proudly serves residents of Ormond Beach, Ormond-By-The-Sea, Daytona Beach, and other nearby areas.

Causes of back pain

Back pain that comes on suddenly can be due to:

  • An accident
  • A sports injury
  • An underlying illness

Back pain that starts gradually and gets worse over time can be due to:

  • Aging, wear-and-tear, and arthritis
  • An occupation involving lifting or carrying heavy objects
  • An occupation involving sitting or standing for long periods

Whatever has caused your back pain, your chiropractor has several effective treatments to help you and your back feel better.

Chiropractic treatment of back pain

At The Edge Chiropractic, your chiropractor may recommend:

  • Manual manipulation and adjustment, to relieve joint and nerve pressure
  • Spinal decompression, to help realign herniated or bulging discs
  • Piezowave 2, to treat acute and chronic muscle, tendon, and joint pain
  • Physiotherapy, to teach proper body movement and posture
  • Electrical stimulation therapy, to reduce pain, swelling, and muscle spasms

How to prevent back pain

There are a few tips to remember about preventing back pain. Remember to:

  • Stand and sit up straight, without hunching or slouching
  • Keep active and maintain a healthy weight
  • Stretch regularly to maintain flexibility
  • Switch out high impact activities like running with low impact activities like yoga or swimming
  • Take breaks to avoid being in the same position for a long period
  • Sleep on a medium-firm mattress which supports your entire body

To learn more about chiropractic treatment of back pain, talk with an expert. Call Dr. Jason Dunlap at The Edge Chiropractic, in Ormond Beach, FL, serving residents of Ormond Beach, Ormond-By-The-Sea, and Daytona Beach, FL. Dr. Dunlap offers chiropractic care to both adults and children. You can reach him in the office by calling (386) 290-6007, so call today!

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